Frequently Asked Questions

Do Active Members of VMR Southport, such as boat crew or radio operators, get paid?
No, all Active Members of VMR Southport are volunteers!

How do you become an Active Member?

Should you wish to be Active in the VMR Southport Organisation, contact our Rescue Base on ph. (07) 5591 1300 and register your interest.

You will receive a return call from us.

 Active membership requires those members to participate in at least one VMR Southport activity, which includes: Radio Operation, Rescue Boat crew duties, or Administrative Duties.

How do you join as an Associate  Member of VMR Southport?

There are several ways.

    1. Join online through this website.
    2. Download the Application for Associate Membership form from this website, complete and email, post, or fax to VMR Southport
    3. Telephone the VMR Southport Rescue Base, let the Radio Operator complete an Application form for you, and pay by credit card.
    4. Visit the VMR Southport Rescue Base, complete an Application form, and pay by cash or credit card.

Who provides the necessary training for Active Members of VMR Southport?

Training for VMR Southport Active members, both Boat crew and Radio Operators, is provided free of charge, excluding any Government fees or outsourcing costs.  VMR Southport is a Registered Training Organisation and training is recognised under National systems. The majority of training is provided by qualified VMR Southport members or in the case of First Aid, by the Qld Ambulance Service. On completion of all training modules an endorsed Certificate of Competency is received.

What are the local frequencies for VHF and 27 Mhz?

VHF channel 73.

VHF channels 16, 67 and channels 86 and 88 are emergency channels.

It is compulsory under legislation to be licenced to operate a VHF radio.

Can VMR400 give the wave height at the Seaway entrance?
VMR400 cannot provide this information, however, we will gladly direct you to the relevant Government website that gives this information

When sailing offshore , what radio channel should be used to make initial contact with another rescue base?
VHF channel 16  for initial contact

What are the broadcasting times of weather forecasts from the Seaway Tower?
0605 hrs, 1005 hrs, 1405 hrs and 1805 hrs on VHF – 73  Also 0803 hrs and 1733 hrs on VHF – 67

When I pay my VMR Membership, when does my cover begin?

Answer – Almost immediately. In the case of paying online, when a receipt number is produced as proof of payment. When paying by telephone or in person with a credit card, on successful completion of the EFTPOS transaction and obviously when paying cash – at that point.

All members receive a membership card which needs to be carried on your vessel, to assist with identifying you as a member.

Membership can take up to 4 weeks to be fully approved, and a membership card issued, however your personal and vessel details will usually be entered on the VMR Southport database within 7 days.

You will not be refused assistance in this period.

If I am not a member of VMR Southport and I need rescuing, how much will it cost?

VMR Southport does not charge a set fee for rescuing people or vessels.

Under legislation we are entitled to seek a ‘ reimbursement of costs ‘, which covers the Rescue vessels fuel, oil,  servicing and maintenance costs.

This ‘ reimbursement of costs ‘ only applies to vessels requiring towing due to routine situations such as vessels out of fuel, vessels aground, vessels with flat batteries, and vessels with mechanical failure.

In emergency situations such as capsized vessels, sinking vessels, medical incidents and search and rescue, there is no fee, as this is the core business of this Organisation.

Of course, donations are generously accepted at any time and most people are happy to oblige and make a donation regardless of their need for using VMR Southport.

If you are not a member and you require marine assistance, and you do not make a contribution towards the ‘reimbursement of costs ‘ at the time of your assist, you will receive a tax invoice and we ask that you promptly pay this invoice in order for VMR Southport to maintain the service it provides.

It is also recommended that you consider Membership at this time as well.

If I am Member and I require assistance outside of the VMR Southport operational area, what do I do?

In instances requiring an immediate response Emergency 000 on your telephone, or MAYDAY / PAN PAN on your marine radio should be your first call.

In non urgent situations – VMR Southport should be contacted by telephone first. We will do the rest to assist you, using the best available resource, usually another VMR Squadron.