VMR Southport Services

rope tied to boat

Marine Rescue Assistance is available in both emergency and breakdown situations.

In Emergency situations – Assistance is provided or sourced regardless of your location. In Non Emergency situations – Assistance can be arranged depending on your Membership level.

24 Hour Radio Watch

Radio watch is available from the VMR Southport Rescue Base 24 hours / 7days. Emergency and general marine radio monitoring is available on the following frequencies:

VHF 16, 67, 73, 82

MF/HF 2182, 2524, 4125

Communicating with Seaway Tower

VMR Southport and Australian Volunteer Coastguard members operate the Gold Coast Seaway Tower between the hours of 0500 – 1800 hours daily.

Communications with the Gold Coast Seaway Tower (SWT) can be made using radio, phone or fax, on these frequencies / numbers:

Normal working channel –  VHF  73 | Emergency VHF 16 or 67

Normal working channel – 27MHz 91  Emergency 27.86 or 27.88

Phone 07 5591 2948 Fax 07 5571 2360

Email swt@seawaytower.com.au


For many years, VMR Southport has offered a service to the community which is a little different to most services available. That is, the scattering of ashes at sea. Normally, this is arranged by a family member or friend of the deceased, however, it can be organised prior to one’s passing, much like the pre-payment of one’s own funeral.

Vessel & Owner Records

Full recording of Members vessel(s), personal, emergency contact, and medical history details

These will generally only be used in the case of Emergency.